Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Don't advertise. Buy a doughnut instead

I've never been the kind of person who gets ensnared by adverts. This is partly because I'm not weak-minded but also because whenever the ad break starts I leave the room.

Most adverts are just bizarre. I watch some of them and can't even figure out what they are attempting to sell me. Occasionally someone will produce a funny advert; the old Carling Black Label ones spring to mind, although the humorous commercial doesn't stop the beer tasting like fetid urine.

Some adverts are designed simply to ingrain a message into your brains. These are usually the really annoying ones like that Brummie bloke from the Halifax who everybody in the country wanted to choke. The company that buys any car dot com is one that is deliberately maddening and I refuse to even visit their website out of principle. Still, can anyone get that tune out of their head?

Recently, however, I have succumbed for the first time to TV advertising. I have been convinced by a subliminal message through my box to download Queen's "Flash" as my iPhone ring tone. I have even purchased the single and I'm not even a fan of Queen. But I'm still not even slightly tempted to buy one of those Innocent Smoothies. This just proves to me that advertising is, in fact, bollocks!

So as a marketing test I have included a picture of a doughnut to this blog. My hope is that, in future, whenever you see a doughnut you will think of Datapartners. It'll be interesting to see if it works.

Datapartners: Doughnuts.