Friday, 4 January 2013

Apple need some magic fairy dust

I am well aware I’ve ranted about my iPhone on several occasions. What with crashes, software update failures, calls not getting through, crap internet connectivity and various other annoyances, my home button now appears to be broken. I now have to apply more pressure than the women’s liberation front to get the button to work.

Not only is the phone knackered, the latest version of iTunes is also rubbish. It is illogical and almost impossible to navigate. It is unintuitive to the point that it took me literally 10 minutes to find where I go to download app updates. Every time I connect my phone, it comes up with some weird error saying it can’t connect to the sync server or something and sometimes it can’t even find my phone. I know the phone is there because I can see it with my own eyes. However, probably the most annoying bug is every time I plug my phone in, iTunes decides to start playing music. This is very embarrassing when I’m on the phone to a customer and Gangnam Style starts blaring out of my speakers.

The most recent publicised cock-up with the iPhone is the bug that left the “Do Not Disturb” feature locked on after New Year’s Eve. Apple has basically said they aren’t going to fix this bug until it fixes itself. What kind of service is that? That’s a bit like me saying “sorry, your websites are all down but I’m not going to fix it until the magic fairies come and reboot the server.”

It hasn’t escaped my attention that Apple products have gone distinctly downhill since Steve Jobs died. He was renowned for being a perfectionist and, quite frankly, an arsehole but his methods obviously worked. He would be sickened by the fact his company is now on a par with Microsoft.

Oh, and sorry to our handful of customers who experienced down-time when one of our servers exploded a couple of months back. The magic fairies had apparently gone on strike.