Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to divide opinion and be successful

Obviously the subject that has been dominating the news over the last few days is the death of Margaret Thatcher. The impending Nuclear War between North Korea and the West has paled into insignificance. The threat of an angry little man with an inferiority complex and questionable haircut means nothing compared to a woman who divided opinion in the UK. Some thought she was an evil witch and the niece of Satan himself and others thought she was the best Prime Minister since that dog who sells insurance. My personal opinion is that spending £10 million on a funeral when the country hasn’t got any money is a bit over the top.

Whatever the differing opinions are, I think the imbeciles who are planning on protesting at her funeral should be arrested and given a good kicking for their lack of respect for the dead. Ignoring the fact that most of these would-be protesters probably weren’t even alive during her time in office, what actually is left to protest about? It’s been over 20 years since she left office and since then the country has been ruined by Labour.

The bottom line is people just like to have a good old moan. This is why I’m so surprised at the lack of fuss being kicked up over Facebook’s latest change to members’ profiles. Last year they upset the entire world by introducing the Timeline layout but somehow have managed to slip their latest revised layout in without anyone noticing. Of course, not everyone has it yet. As usual, they are sneaking it in country by country and it seems to revert back to the current layout at will. It’s basically the same but the navigation across the top is slightly different and they’ve made certain parts of the “About Me” harder to find. They’ve probably also violated a dozen more privacy laws.

It seems to be part of a ream of changes and new things the social networking giant is releasing. In an attempt to keep his disgruntled shareholders happy, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new payment gateway, mainly with the aim of charging stalkers to message celebrities (no, really!) and this new Facebook Home thing which is something designed to basically make your smart phone do nothing other than connect to Facebook.

Whatever they do next, you can be assured that Facebook will continue to piss the entire population of the world off but still somehow manage to become more popular. It’s a skill Maggie had. RIP.

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