Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sometimes the truth hurts

Here at Datapartners we pride ourselves on our honesty. We also pride ourselves on our devilishly good looks and charisma but that’s a different subject altogether.

The point is, with well over a decade of experience in pretty much all aspects of the web, we have a rather vast catalogue of knowledge. As a result we also pride ourselves on being geniuses.

So when people contact us with questions and advice, we are more than happy to put our knowledge to good use. The trouble is that sometimes we have to disappoint people by stating that what they are asking for might sound easy but is actually very difficult and consequently costly. Sometimes we have to politely explain why an idea someone has isn’t very good and isn’t going to make them rich. Sometimes we have to point out that a brilliantly original idea someone has is neither brilliant nor original and has already been done by Google, Facebook and Twitter.

It comes down to the age-old problem of people not realising what goes on behind the scenes of a working website. Sometimes it comes down to people not considering that the general public don’t possess the same intricate knowledge of their business and need things explained in idiot speak. Sometimes it is just plain crazy. It shouldn’t be that difficult to understand that having grey text on a black background in a really small font isn’t very clever. It is common sense not to present people with a million different options in a variety of sub options if they choose one of the options of the options in the options sub-set under options. Keep things clean, presentable, accessible and simple!

Sadly, some people choose to ignore the advice given and will go elsewhere to get the job done instead. This is always sad for us because it not only means that we lose a valued customer (and a part of us dies a little inside every time that happens) but it also leaves us feeling helpless in the knowledge that they are wasting their time going to someone else who won’t be as honest, will offer to do everything they ask in order to get the money and, in most cases, fail to deliver.

The good news is that sometimes people come back because they have had a bad experience with their newer suppliers (usually for the reasons stated above). This makes us very happy indeed.

So, rather than wasting your money with cowboy companies, please listen to our expert advice. Even if you don’t like it, we are saying it because it is generally sound advice. Here at Datapartners we always have the interests of our customers at heart. We want to look after you.

Choose Datapartners and LOVE your business!

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